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general dentistry in Boulder, CO
Dr. Mark Birnbach
(303) 443-4417
1636 16th Street
Boulder, CO   80302 USA

For people in the Fort Collins to Denver, Colorado area, seeking dental crowns, implants, bridges or looking for information on bad breath, snoring, or sleep apnea contact us to schedule an appointment.
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Dentists in Denver

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mark Birnbach

Recognized by 5280 Magazine as a Top Dentist in Boulder, Colorado for 7 years in a row.

With General Dentistry, we can make sure your teeth and your smile are healthy, and we can identify problem areas before they develop into serious dental issues. By making sure your teeth are always in good health, you can prevent lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive dental procedures in the future.

At Dr. Birnbach's Boulder dental office, we provide all our patients with the best general dentistry services available. Whether you are coming to us to correct jaw pain or a cavity, or you're visiting for a general exam or tooth cleaning, we can make sure your overall dental health is at its best.

Dr. Birnbach again earns Boulder's Top Dentist

Dr. Birnbach offers a number of general and restorative dentistry services:

  • Routine Dental Health – Services like X-Rays to spot dental problems and routine teeth cleanings prevent many dental problems and the complicated procedures needed to address them.
  • Missing Teeth Missing teeth can be corrected with solutions like dental implants, that replace the tooth's root and support a porcelain crown, or dental bridges, which replace just the visible portion of the tooth. Check out our new flexible acrylic solution the "Snap On Smile" under the Cosmetic Dentistry heading.
  • Sleep Problems – Annoying night-time habits like snoring and more serious conditions associated with snoring such as sleep apnea can be treated using dental devices.
  • Warning Signs – Jaw pain and tooth pain can be signs of more serious dental problems such as tooth and jawbone decay or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).
  • Halitosis Bad breath can be embarrassing and behavior changing. It may be caused by your routine eating habits or by more serious problems such as gum disease.
  • Worn & Chipped Teeth – If you grind your teeth or have an active lifestyle, Dr. Birnbach can offer mouth guards to prevent wear and chipping. If your teeth have already sustained chipping or wear from grinding, a crown can restore their strength and appearance.

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